Stokes Wills

Wills can be a valuable resource for genealogists. Not only can you find your ancestor's name but also the names and relation of many other relatives, residence and county location, property owned, when the will was written and when probate occurred, and other information.

 If you have a will you would like to share, please submit it to share and include the full source information and who is in possession of the original.

Many genealogy files require Adobe Reader in order to view pdf files. This is free software.

*** denotes actual digital copy or partial copy of original/accompanying documents

Young Stokes (1770)***  Silvanus Stokes (1798)
 Silvanus Stokes (1748)  Thomas Stokes (1820)
 Silvanus Stokes (1760)  Priscilla (Stokes) Terry (1849)
 Silvanus Stokes (1783)  Carrie Cratin (Stokes) Roberts (1930)
 David Stokes (1873)***  Sidney Jones Stokes (1927) ***
   Margurite Virginia (Sudderth) Stokes (1927) ***

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