This site has been created to help network the many people who are researching the Stokes name.

The goal is to have all of the Stokes information on one site and provide the information FREE of charge to people who are researching the name Stokes. The information provided on this site has been either submitted by other genealogists researching the Stokes surname or if the result of my own researching effort to gather Stokes genealogical information. This site is constantly growing and donations are appreciated if you find this site useful.

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If you do not find any useful information for the Stokes line you are researching, Please consider sharing the information you DO have by submitting a GEDCOM or a Descendant Report (privatized) so that others may find you!

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Updated Features: 
Thomas Stokes b.1842 LDS Biography - Zipped Images (Aug 02, 2010)
Edward & Sylvanus Stokes, University of Virginia (1839) (Aug 02, 2010)
Marriage Index (55 new) (Aug 02, 2010)

Search by entering a name, or for more specific searchers, add a name, place & date. For Example: "Allen Stokes Burke County NC" or "Allen Stokes 1770" or "Allen Marriage Bond." Many pages contain indexes that can be searched by Last Name comma First Name, for example Stokes, Allen. This will reduce the number of results and speed your search for the person you are seeking!

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This site is designed and maintained by me, Brenda (Stokes) Cothern. Any donations are appreciated but not required. Donations will be applied toward the maintenance of the site and to pay for additional research costs (copies to scan documents, Stokes genealogy books to be transcribed for the site, server maintenance, etc.)  Donations will not be used for personal use, but to further the Stokes information available for researchers. Donate safely through Pay Pal. Thank you!

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Last Updated: 31 August 2010 

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